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The 2001 Phoenix Awards Program

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Apr. 30 - /EWire/ -- The Phoenix Awards program cares about your hard work and wants to honor you and your project! The 2001 Phoenix Awards for excellence in brownfields redevelopment will be one of the highlights of this year's National Brownfields Conference, Brownfields 2001, in Chicago, Illinois, September 24-26, 2001.

Each year, the Phoenix Awards recognizes outstanding brownfields projects from across the U.S. Since the creation of the Phoenix Awards in 1997, 28 projects from 17 different states have been honored. This year, one Phoenix Awards winner will be selected from each of the EPA's 10 regions. Additional special winners will be recognized for other exceptional projects. A grand prizewinner will be selected from among all the chosen winners.

Any individual, group, government body or agency, company or organization is eligible to apply for a Phoenix Award. Phoenix Award winners will showcase their projects at the Brownfields 2001 conference and will be presented with a handcrafted crystal trophy at a special conference ceremony. Award winners will receive national publicity and recognition in professional journals and newspapers and on the Internet. Successful projects also serve as models and inspiration for other communities.

Past Phoenix Award winners are real-life examples of the accomplishments that can arise from new brownfields initiatives across the United States. These projects represent a blend of disciplines, including the environmental consulting community, the public, real estate developers, bankers, economic development agencies, attorneys, and federal, state and local government. These groups figured it out - and they are models for each one of us.

Apply soon! The 2001 Phoenix Awards deadline is June 15, 2001. For an application, visit the Phoenix Awards website at or call Eric Thumma at 717.772.2724.



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