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Tembec Completes Implementation of Industry-leading Environmental Monitoring System

TORONTO and SPRUCE FALLS, Ontario, Dec. 18 - /EWire/ -- T4G Limited, a premier North American full-service technology consulting company, and Washington- based Moore Environmental Solutions, announced today the successful implementation of a new, cost-effective environmental management information system at Tembec's Spruce Falls operations.

"Tembec has a long history of sound environmental policies such as Impact Zero(R) and Forever Green(R) Environmental Management Programs (EMP)," said Gordon Munnoch, Tembec's Director of Energy and Environment Issues at Spruce Falls. "The current work at Spruce Falls builds on these past achievements."

"We are pleased to work with a company like Spruce Falls with its long- standing respect for the environment," said Geoff Flood, president of T4G Ltd. "At T4G, we use technology to offer, in essence, 'green' scorecards for companies to track enterprise-wide how they are doing environmentally in near real-time. And companies like Spruce Falls are proving it's not only good for the environment, but it's good for business, too."

"All eyes are on Spruce Falls operations in Ontario," said Margery Moore, president of Moore Environmental Solutions. "This new environmental management information system (EMIS) is unusual because it leverages standard Microsoft tools and packages them in such a way as to address the key elements of ISO 14001."

Tembec's Spruce Falls operations originally received ISO 14001 registration in June 1999. Since then the company has been steadily filling the gaps and improving the site's environmental performance to exceed the ISO 14001 standards level. Spruce Falls is a recognized leader. Environment Minister David Anderson presented Tembec with the 2001 Forest Products Sector Award at Canada's Climate Change Leadership Awards earlier this year.

By strategically packaging Microsoft SharePoint(TM) Portal server tools into a suite of environmental solutions, this saves time and money in set-up, support and customization. For example, this implementation was completed on time, in less than two months. The new system helped Spruce Falls pass its external audit and become re-certified to ISO 14001.

The new system will help close gaps in the environmental monitoring system by providing an innovative, user-friendly, electronic portal that handles all environmental document management needs.

"What is happening at Spruce Falls will potentially change the way companies have traditionally looked at and implemented EMISs. The system uses Microsoft tools in an innovative manner by integrating Outlook/Exchange with in-house resources that support an environment native to the IT group," Ms. Moore said.

By strategically packaging Microsoft tools into a suite of environmental solutions, this saves companies time and money in set-up, support and customization. It also creates a framework that can be replicated in other departments throughout the company.

"The software approach being introduced for the environmental system has wide application for information and document management in other areas of the company," Mr. Munnoch said.

"Using MS tools in such an strategic manner, coupled with Tembec's corporate philosophy of Zero Impact(R) shows how truly innovative this company culture is and willing to go the extra mile to implement sustainable practices" said Jean Marin, the Spruce Falls information technology manager.

About Tembec

Tembec is an integrated Canadian forest products company principally involved in the production of wood products, market pulp and papers. The company has sales of approximately $3.5 billion with over 50 manufacturing sites in the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia, as well as in France and the United States. Tembec's Common Shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol TBC. For more information, please visit

About T4G

T4G was founded in 1995 by a group of seasoned IT professionals who believe in the Intelligent Application of Technology(TM) for business. We provide fully integrated solutions in business-to-business and business-to- consumer situations that span strategic planning, infrastructure deployment, application development, interface design & communications and multi-channel information delivery in the knowledge management and business intelligence arenas. T4G's clients include many leading Canadian and international corporations, including Sears Canada, Bell Canada, Staples, Onex Corporation and L.L. Bean. For additional information about T4G, visit the company's website at

About Moore Environmental Solutions

Moore Environmental Solutions is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with business partners located in the US, as well as in Quebec City, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. The firm specializes in building environmental IT systems and environmental management systems. Ms Moore has a Masters in EMIS, and is a certified EMS Auditor and E-business Solutions Advisor. Please visit

For more information:

Paul Barter, VP, Sales and Marketing, T4G Limited, (416) 462-4211,, Margery Moore, President, Moore Environmental, Solutions, (202) 362-3055,, Martin Simard, Director, Public Relations, Tembec Inc., (819) 627-4533,


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