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Study: BioCassette™ Meets The 'Gold Standard' Of The Anderson Sampler

SAN BRUNO, California, May. 08 - /EWire/ -- A study recently compared the performance of the Anderson N6 and the BioCassette™ air sampling devices and found no statistically significant difference between the two devices. While the study indicated that both air sampling devices showed excellent performance, BioCassette™ has distinguished itself as a more attractive choice to indoor air quality (IAQ) professionals through its ease-of-use and affordability.

"BioCassette™ has met the gold standard of the Anderson Sampler while providing a product that is easier to use and more cost effective," said Jim Purves, Product Development Manager of EMLab. The Washington Department of Natural Resources study proves that quality, accuracy and usability can co-exist."

BioCassette™ is a single-use, disposable device for taking a viable (culturable) sample of the air. The device is designed to both simplify the sampling process and protect the integrity of samples in the field, and in transit to the lab. The goal of air sampling is to help determine whether the biological particles present in the air affect or cause irritation in certain individuals. Air sampling provides IAQ professionals with a scientific basis for evaluating whether or not irritants are present in an indoor environment and locating the sources of these microorganisms to facilitate an effective remediation.

"Indoor air quality professionals have asked for an air sampling product that is simpler and faster to use without sacrificing performance," said Dave Gallup, CEO of EMLab. "BioCassette not only meets these demands, but exceeds them by providing a product that is more cost-effective while reducing or eliminating the risks of contamination and damage."

The makers of BioCassette, Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, Inc. (EMLab) have improved upon the Andersen sampler by offering a single-use, disposable device that is simpler to use, which saves time in sampling, and therefore more cost-effective. The design eliminates the need for cleaning, eliminates the risk of cross-contamination from sample to sample and offers a high level of protection from external contamination. In addition, technical improvements in the BioCassette™ design allow for better performance in terms of collection efficiency and repeatability.

EMLab™ is the leading commercial indoor air quality testing laboratory in North America. EMLab™ has over 30 years experience in mold testing and bioaerosol analysis, and helped pioneer today's indoor air quality (IAQ) industry. The company has an industry-leading management and scientific team headed by David Gallup, EMLab's CEO, and Janet Gallup, the company's founder and senior mycologist. Additionally, Dr. Harriet Burge is the company's Director of Aerobiology and Chair of EMLab's Scientific Advisory Board. For more information about EMLab™, go to The company may also be reached toll-free at: 866-888-MOLD.

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