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HARMONY, Florida, Dec. 19 - /EWire/ -- Eight Canadian mares formerly used in the production of Premarin were destined for the slaughterhouse. Now, their destination on Sunday, December 21 is the Town of Harmony in Osceola County thanks to efforts of the non-profit Harmony Institute and the generosity of the Harmony Development Company. When Martha Lentz, chairman of the Harmony Institute, became aware of the horses' predicament she immediately began to organize a rescue. While she coordinated the logistics of bringing the horses in and getting them settled at Harmony, the Harmony Development Company offered to cover the costs of transportation and provide land within the community for the horses. "One of the hardest things about rescuing these horses is we don't know exactly what to expect." said Mrs. Lentz. "We know we are getting some quarter horse mixes and two draft horse mixes. Five of the mares are pregnant. Typically, in order to collect Pregnant Mare Urine (PMU) used in the manufacture of the hormone replacement drug Premarin, mares are kept perpetually pregnant and confined. Their foals have always been sent to slaughter and now that there is a synthetic process available, ranches in Canada and the Northwest U.S. are shutting down production of PMU and thousands of mares are in immediate risk." The Harmony Institute promotes human health and well being through the interaction of people, animals and the environment and is located in the Town of Harmony where they are developing Spirit Stables and other programs that encourage residents' interaction with nature and animals. The rescue will give residents an opportunity for hands on care and rehabilitation of the mares. Harmony is an environmentally sensitive community designed to provide an old-fashioned hometown lifestyle, while preserving its natural setting. Harmony sits amid 11,000 acres of wilderness naturally inhabited by a wide array of wildlife, two natural 500-acre lakes, and miles of trails. The Welcome Center is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 to 6, and Sundays from 11 to 6. From St. Cloud, take U.S. 192/441 east to the entrance on the left. For more information, phone (407) 891-8358, or visit To learn more or make a donation to the care of the Premarin mares, contact the Harmony Institute at 407-957-0207 or through their website

For more information:

Harmony Development Company, James L. Lentz, 4305 Neptune Road St. Cloud, Florida 34769,, Phone: 407-891-1616,



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