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EWIRE Offers Eco-Friendly Alternative This Valentine's Day

NOVATO, California, Feb. 03 - /EWire/ -- This Valentine's Day you can say I love you and be eco-friendly at the same time., the world's first online organic florist, plans to ship more than 10,000 dozen organically grown roses to help meet the demand for an alternative to conventionally grown flowers. * (Photo: ) offers classic long-stemmed red and colored organic roses in one, two and five-dozen bouquets, available for overnight shipment anywhere in the USA. (Starting at $34.50 per dozen). Consumers can now buy organic rose bouquets at a price comparable to conventionally grown roses sold at online giants such as and

"The difference is our customers can express their affection as well as concern for the Earth," says Organic Bouquet Founder and CEO Gerald Prolman. "Organic flowers say, 'I Love You and the Earth too.'"

In addition, the company will feature organic red and colored tulips. To sweeten the occasion, consumers will have the option of adding a delicious box of organic chocolates.

Organic floral represents the newest category in the rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar natural products industry. Regulated and defined by the USDA, "organic" refers to an ecological farming system that builds rich, fertile soil and utilizes natural defense mechanisms to combat pests and plant diseases.

"Growing flowers organically is very important because it is safer for farm workers and is good for the environment. Organic floral production encourages healthy stewardship of the earth," says Prolman.

Prior to the formation of Organic Bouquet Inc. in 2001, commercial organic floral supplies for a national market were non-existent. Organic Bouquet has succeeded by encouraging major growers to initiate organic floral production for the company.

Natural-product shoppers today are making purchasing decisions based on concerns about personal health, social justice and environmental sustainability. "We are proud to embrace these positive values this Valentine's day by introducing the Internet's first commercial line of organic roses and tulips," according to Prolman

About is the premier online source for socially and environmentally responsible gifts; offering fresh organic flowers, organic gift-packed fruits, organic gourmet gift baskets and artisan crafts from around the world.

For more information:

Isaac Cronin, 415-331-4604, Gerald Prolman, 415-883-3393,


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