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opsEnvironmental to Streamline Corporate Environmental Metrics Reporting for Toyota

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, Dec. 16 - /EWire/ -- Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. (TMS) has selected the opsEnvironmental software package from ESP (Environmental Software Providers) for corporate-wide environmental data collection and reporting, along with services from EDSG (Environmental Data Solutions Group, LLC). opsEnvironmental is an enterprise level environmental management information system (EMIS) with modules for air, water, and waste management. The software will be implemented in over 40 TMS sites across the United States.

"We were looking for a software package that would allow us to pull environmental data from all of our sites for use in corporate metrics reporting," said Bill Duff, Corporate Manager at TMS Environmental Coordination Office. "We selected opsEnvironmental because it can be easily configured to gather the precise data we need at the site level. The software's roll-up reporting functionality then makes it simple for us to turn site-specific data into corporate-wide data. This will save time and help ensure accuracy in the preparation of our annual corporate environmental report."

David Cox, ESP's Vice President of Sales, concurred. "One of the advantages of opsEnvironmental is that although it is an off-the-shelf software package, it is highly configurable for gathering of any type of metrics. This makes it a great tool for companies like Toyota to use in their corporate reporting. It lets them gather and roll up exactly the data they need, without having to resort to an expensive, custom-built solution."

TMS selected EDSG as the implementer because of the company's solid focus on software implementation and in particular its experience implementing opsEnvironmental. "We were impressed by EDSG's core focus on EHS software implementation and their strong knowledge of opsEnvironmental. This made them the clear choice to implement the software for us," said Bill Duff.

opsEnvironmental is widely used throughout the power, petrochemical, chemical, aerospace/defense and pharmaceutical industries for environmental management and regulatory compliance. Its modules cover compliance, air, water, waste, and chemical management. For more information, please call the sales office at 650-623-9881.

About Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Established in 1957, Toyota Motor Sales. U.S.A., Inc. is the sales, marketing, distribution and customer service arm of Toyota and Lexus in the U.S. and markets products and services through 1,392 dealers in 49 states.

About ESP ESP provides enterprise software solutions for integrated environmental and compliance management and for management of emissions allowance portfolios. Since 1992, ESP software has been helping companies across North America track compliance and improve financial performance. Its opsEnvironmental suite is currently in use to manage environmental data in over a thousand facilities throughout North America. The company's ecoAsset Manager suite is widely used throughout the emissions allowance trading industry, and is currently responsible for tracking approximately 2/3 of all SO2 assets. For additional information about ESP, please visit or call the sales office.

For more information:

ESP Media Contact, Rebecca Morris, Ph: 650-968-9000 ext. 232, E-mail:


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