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Offering ecologically friendly imported teak furniture and home décor.

Gig Harbor, Washington, Jan. 26 - /EWire/ -- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Harbor Trading, LLC is pleased to announce the opening of their new Showroom in Gig Harbor, Washington. Harbor Trading is an importer of unique, high-quality furnishings and accents for the home and outdoor living space. Harbor Trading has discoveries from all over the world with a specialization in ecologically friendly reclaimed teak furniture designed for both indoor and outdoor living.

"We have a passion for travel and getting to know the world and experiencing new cultures, so we wanted to find a way to bring some of this home and make it available to everyone. We strive to discover interesting items influenced by culture, history and lifestyles", explains Greg Craven & Leonor Lucero, owners of Harbor Trading. The styles of our pieces are inspired by travels through Italy, the Mediterranean, S.E. Asia and other exotic locations."

"Many of our furniture pieces are hand-crafted by expert artisans in Java, Indonesia from reclaimed teak wood. We feel it is important to support saving the rainforest by using reclaimed teak", adds Lucero. Reclaimed teak is from old homes and buildings throughout Indonesia that are 60-80 years old. The factories we use work with the families to not only purchase and dismantle their current wood home, but also help them build a new brick home which is stronger and safer in the elements. Many families in Indonesia only dream of having a new brick home and this helps them achieve their dream. Since our furniture is made by hand with decorative details, no two pieces are alike, adding to its appeal. Some of the reclaimed teak pieces are meant to look distressed and rustic, further enhancing its unique look", adds Craven. In addition, Harbor Trading carries some antique, home décor and architectural pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind finds."

"We describe our style of furnishings to be of worldly designs and patterns that compliment most decorating styles. We strive to help our customers create an inspired living space with rich hand-carved details, woven patterns and textures", adds Lucero.

About Harbor Trading, LLC: Importer of ecologically friendly furniture, Harbor Trading is a designer and importer of furnishings and home décor. Greg Craven and Leonor Lucero founded Harbor Trading in 2005 after traveling several years throughout S. E. Asia. We import directly from environmentally-friendly suppliers, producers and factories with good and ethical working conditions. In addition to ecologically friendly reclaimed teak, Harbor Trading offers furniture made from natural fibers such as Banana Leaf and Seagrass and other exotic tropical hardwoods.

Location You can purchase discovered furnishings at their Showroom:

Harbor Trading 3028 Harborview Drive Bonneville Village Green Shops (behind Gallery Row) Gig Harbor, WA 98332 253-851-0766

Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday, 12 noon – 5 pm., or by appointment

Or shop their website:

For more information:

Leonor Lucero, Harbor Trading, LLC ph: 253-851-0766 fax: 253-295-6911 visit for more information.


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