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New York Bird Club Requests that June 13th be Declared National Pigeon Day Commemorating War Heroes.

New York, New York, Jan. 30 - /EWire/ -- On this special day, students in schools across the United States and worldwide would commemorate this day by learning of the significant role pigeons played in the history of the World.

In New York State, this can appropriately tie in with New York State's Humane Education Law, enacted in 1947 that is not being complied with in our school system, which requires instruction in the humane care and treatment of animals. The law is not been enforced, and few educators know of its existence.

In September 2006, New York City Council Member Tony Avella from the borough of Queens, NY introduced a resolution urging the New York City Department of Education to help schools comply with New York State's Humane Education Law by issuing a memo to all public schools in the city. Avella is a 2009 candidate for Mayor of NYC. He is the Chair of the Zoning and Franchises Subcommittee and is a member of five other Council committees: Higher Education, Housing and Buildings, Fire and Criminal Justice Services, Land Use and Veterans.

The New York Bird Club requests that June 13 be declared as National Pigeon Day in honor of pigeons who are war heroes so that they be properly recognized as such.

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