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New Organization Focuses on Benefits of Design Build for Water Infrastruction

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia, Jun. 23 - /EWire/ -- The country's leading providers of design-build services for water and wastewater treatment today announced the formation of the Water Design-Build Council, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the development and rehabilitation of water and wastewater systems through the sound use of integrated design-build services in North America.

"Our goal is to enable municipalities to realize the full benefits of design-build by promoting best practices," said Mark Alpert, Water Design-Build Council president. "One of the most important ways we can do this is by putting ourselves in the stakeholders' shoes to more thoroughly understand the factors that drive their decisions."

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it will cost taxpayers more than $500 billion over the next 20 years to overhaul the nation's water and wastewater infrastructure. "Through collaboration with stakeholders, the use of design-build ensures a cost-effective quality product from concept to completion," said Alpert.

In a design-build project, owners of a water system work with a single source for the design and construction of a water facility. "By having one point of responsibility for the design and construction of a project, the municipality can realize significant benefits: superior design and construction, speed, cost savings, and focused accountability," noted Alpert.

During the Council's first year of operation, the Council will focus on understanding their clients' needs by conducting a survey of municipal officials who have employed design-build. Simultaneously, the Council aims to facilitate the growth of the market by promoting best practices through the publication of white papers and website content. The Council's charter members include the following top executives of the leading water integrated design-build companies: Craig Goehring, Brown & Caldwell; Peter Tunnicliffe, Camp Dresser & McKee; Gary Meyerhofer, Carollo Engineers; Mark Alpert, CH2M HILL, Robert Andrews, Earth Tech, a division of Tyco International (NYSE: TYC); Doug Lisak, HDR; Dave Herer, Metcalf and Eddy; Dan McConville, MWH; Finn Nielsen, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies.

About the Water Design-Build Council

The Water Design-Build Council was created to serve as an advocate for the value of design-build on water and wastewater projects in North America and to promote best practices in procurement and implementation of those projects. Charter members of the Water Design-Build Council include Brown & Caldwell, Camp Dresser & McKee, Carollo Engineers, CH2M HILL, Earth Tech, HDR, Metcalf and Eddy, MWH, and Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies. For more information, visit

For more information:

Sarah Chittenden Water Design-Build Council 202.833.1950, ext. 6002



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