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Metafore Announces Recipients of Inaugural Innovation Awards

PORTLAND, Oregon, May. 15 - /EWire/ -- Metafore - a nonprofit that helps align day-to-day business practices so they achieve desired social, environmental and financial results -has announced the recipients of its inaugural Metafore Innovation Awards.

The awards were presented at Metafore's Forest Leadership Forum, held May 3-6 in Portland, Ore. The Forum convened action-oriented global leaders in business, environment and society to help them align business practices in ways that achieve environmental, social and financial results.

Metafore launched these awards at the Forum in order to recognize organizations that have taken impressive steps to develop outstanding innovations that demonstrate positive social and environmental results. The Metafore Innovation Awards will be awarded annually.

The awards recognized the grand prize winners and finalists in the categories of products and services.

The grand prizes went to: Columbia Forest Products for its product PureBond - a formulation of decorative hardwood plywood panels produced using a formaldehyde-free adhesive system. PureBond is soy-based, providing superior moisture-resistance over Urea Formaldeyhyde-based panels. In addition, PureBond is a cost-neutral alternative to traditional UF-manufactured plywood.

"We were very honored to receive the grand prize, " Columbia Forest Products President and CEO Harry Demorest said. "The development and commercialization of PureBond has been our top priority this past year, and this award is further validation that we've been doing the right thing."

In fact, judges agreed that Columbia Forest Products took the industry lead by offering "a completely new technology and approach - one that could have a huge impact." Futuro Forestal for its WoodStockInvest program, which offers worldwide investors the opportunity to own a forest, invest in a high yield product and contribute to social and ecological development in Central America. This group began with an idea that would pair sustainable forestry and investors. It spent the last 10 years developing and refining an innovative model for ecologically and socially sustainable reforestation in the tropics. Its planting of seven mainly native species of fine tropical timber in intensive-use areas and up to 50 native species in protection zones promotes the development of a diverse ecosystem.

Judges said, "This combination of preservation, investment and sustainable forest management is an innovative approach backed by market rewards."

One judge added, "This creative innovation was done on a small scale that can now inform the larger scale - it has great potential for replication."

Andreas Eke, general manager of Futuro Forestal, said, "After many years of hard work, we are very proud to receive this award in a moment where we enter a new era of the company. The prize is a further step toward our vision to change the face of forestry in the tropics and offer creative and safe forest investment products and alternatives to monoculture. We thank our team and all our investors who help us in making this come true."

The finalists were: Catalyst Paper Corporation and its Electrastar and Electraprime lighter basis weight paper. These products are more cost effective to transport and use fewer resources while offering the desirable attributes of heavier paper. Milliken and Company, which is being recognized for its TractionBack product. TractionBack is a bio-based, high-friction coating for carpet tile that is adhesive-free and has no VOC offgassing. Starbucks Coffee Company for its recycled-content paper cup. Starbucks spent nearly 10 years of testing as well as collaborating with several of its key suppliers, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. As a result, the industry's first recycled-content hot cup is now used in a majority of its stores. Blandin Paper Company, a division of UPM, created the Smart Forestry program, which integrates new data and knowledge of ecosystem functions with harvesting and regeneration techniques. This ongoing, extensive process can be applied to various areas. Spicers Paper, which is a division of PaperlinX. Spicers developed a custom sheeting program that judges called "a real innovative approach to reducing waste while meeting customers' needs." Time Inc.'s ReMix Project, which stands for REcycling Magazines Is Excellent, is a partnership with International Paper and the National Recycling Coalition. This innovation is based on reeducating the public about the value of recovering magazines. "All of the organizations recognized in our awards are change agents, and their innovations serve as guideposts for others," said Metafore President and CEO David Ford.

About Metafore - Founded in 1997, Metafore is a Portland, Oregon-based non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that works with businesses to align their practices with environmental and social results.

Our vision is of a future where business practices-by their very nature-are in alignment with social and environmental interests. For us, this is not about trade-offs or about balancing financial, environmental and social objectives over the short term. This vision speaks to an evolution of business practices over time based on a gradual alignment of values and objectives.

For more information:

Angie Marsh Metafore Communications Associate E-mail : Tel : 503.224.2205



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