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New York, New York, Nov. 23 - /EWire/ -- Israel Beer Josaphat, a rabbi's son, was born in Germany on July 21, 1816. In 1845, he moved to London, England, where he became known as Paul Julius Reuter. Reuter started the first financial news agency in Europe. Carrier pigeons flew his news dispatches between cities.

Striving ever to improve the speed and efficiency of news distribution and circulation, he invested in 1851 in a cable across the English Channel. In later years, this cable service was extended to Ireland. In 1859, the cable link was expanded from Ireland westward under the Atlantic Ocean to North America. All the undersea cable laid previously by Reuter in Europe was placed without complications. However, the cable link to North American developed what was to become an unexpected, intractable and costly problem.

In the trans-Atlantic leg, it turned out, the cable came to sustain repeated damage of a specific sort. The line simply snapped and severed. Time and again, after the costly rejoining and relaying, the dysfunctional cable was recovered from the depths torn apart. Perplexingly, no reason for the separation could be identified.

Some unknown force was evidently stressing the steel-encased cable beyond its structural limits before ripping it asunder.

A century elapsed before in 1959, Earth Sciences advances offered insights into the causes of the rupturing cables.

A duo of discoveries provided closure to the costly puzzle.

Two submarine parallel mountain ranges run the length of the Atlantic from the Arctic to the Antarctic, pole to pole. Lying between these ranges is a chasm, a mile wide, a gap equivalent to the Grand Canyon's width.

Unaware of the existence of these mountain ranges, Reuter sank his cable assuming it would descend to a pastorally-level ocean floor.

Evidently, his fragile, tiny cables hung suspended, unsupported, like tight-ropes between the mountain tops. The cables' own weight helped in tugging them apart.

But Science also recognized a second force, more irresistible and fundamental. New sea floor was oozing from the earth's interior pushing the continents apart. Earth expansion was now a reality.

A tectonic expansion pushes North America away from Europe at a rate of 6 feet per average human lifetime. The cables were destroyed as well by the tension imposed on them by the earth's expansion.

Richard Guy in his book "Is Planet Earth Expanding?" shows us numerous examples of Earth Expansion you cannot ignore. You will be simply amazed. Guy has garnered an impressive following of readers. His book. "Is Planet Earth Expanding?" in its second reprinting tells us what has been happening since the Mid-Atlantic Ridge was discovered. Read "Is Planet Earth Expanding?" Read the Review below:

REVIEW Is planet Earth expanding?, Thursday, December 18, 2008 This is a non-technical easy to understand page-turner masterwork.

The author has put together a rock-solid thesis based on last hundred years or so geological findings yet their conclusions are much more advanced. By scientific evidence it is concluded the Earth is expanding, that 200 millions years ago the planet was much smaller, its surface area only one third of that of today.

Evidence shows that the planet's continents were together as one landmass but the authors prove that the landmass broke off as the resultant of that expansion which continues today. They do not accept the traditional speculations regarding the continental drift and the formations of dry land and oceans but go further to prove the solution of the mystery lies in the expansion of the planet.

There is a plethora of scientific evidence everything on this universe is moving ahead, growing and expanding. The evidence proves the cosmos as a whole is expanding balloon style consequently forcing stars and whole galaxies to travel further apart from each other.

The Proof of Earth expansion is irrefutable and scientifically verified.

This is a researched thesis which, in my opinion, should be mandatory for college students everywhere, it is like having a complete advanced geology course in just 73 pages. "IS Planet Earth Expanding? by Richard Guy may be obtained on his web page at:; email:; tel; 347-275-5616.

For more information:

Richard Guy,, tel; 347-275-5616.



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