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ENVIRON Holdings, Inc., Establishes CarbonVentures International

ARLINGTON, Virginia, Dec. 19 - /EWire/ -- Joseph H. Highland, Ph.D., Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of ENVIRON Holdings, Inc., (EHI) is pleased to announce the establishment of CarbonVentures International (CarbonVentures), a wholly owned subsidiary of EHI.

In a related development, EHI has purchased IT Corporation's ownership of the CarbonBank name and logo, as well as specific client assignments. Sam Sproule, formerly with CarbonBank, has joined CarbonVentures as Managing Director.

CarbonVentures, along with the resources of ENVIRON's consulting divisions, delivers clients a full range of services related to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions management. Together, we offer the expertise and experience necessary to develop and implement effective climate change and greenhouse gas strategies for clients around the world. Noted Highland, "Our wide range of expertise and relationships with leaders in the field position us to deliver clients the best possible solutions in this emerging global arena."

We offer a wide range of assistance to clients, including:

-- advising on all technical, legal, regulatory, financial, and risk impacts and opportunities arising from national and international obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

-- establishing greenhouse gas emissions profiles for companies and specific operations.

-- providing strategic solutions for managing greenhouse gas emissions, risks and liabilities and assisting with implementation.

-- advising on all aspects of emissions trading schemes, including the brokering of market transactions involving local and foreign buyers.

-- creating business advantages and potential assets by developing greenhouse opportunities.

-- facilitating the generation, verification, sale, and acquisition of verified emissions reduction measures, including carbon credits from forestry sequestration and involvement in appropriate reduction projects in Australia and internationally.

-- managing projects initiated under the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) & Joint Implementation (JI) scheme.

Our key objectives are to provide clients:

-- access to proven systems and protocols developed from years of hands-on experience in the development of CDMs.

-- access to a wide range of value-added services that will foster client confidence in dealing with greenhouse issues.

-- cost-effective, risk-based strategies that limit liabilities and optimize project outcomes.

-- assistance with carbon credit transactions involving local and foreign buyers.

For more information, visit

For more information:

CarbonVentures, Sam Sproule, +61 421 330 081, or ENVIRON Holdings, Inc., Jeanne Bezerra, 609/452-9000,


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