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EMSL Analytical Awarded first AIHA EMLAP Accreditation in South Florida

Miami, Florida, Jan. 28 - /EWire/ -- EMSL Analytical, the largest network of indoor air quality testing laboratories in the nation, announced today an unprecedented achievement for its North Miami Beach Laboratory by receiving AIHA EMLAP Accreditation. The accreditation of this facility also marks EMSL as the exclusive laboratory to currently operate six AIHA EMLAP Accredited laboratories throughout the nation.

"The EMLAP accreditation of our Miami laboratory allows local indoor air quality professionals, environmental consultants, building inspectors, restoration firms, property managers and environmental attorneys access to the largest network of EMLAP accredited laboratories in the nation," states Leslie Boggs, Director of Marketing for EMSL. "With the Miami facility being AIHA EMLAP accredited for fungal and bacterial analyses, coupled with the technology to perform PCR analyses, EMSL is expressing its commitment in producing the highest quality indoor air quality analyses in the industry".

When a laboratory is EMLAP Accredited by AIHA, its clients have assurance that the laboratory has met a defined set of performance standards, including personnel qualifications, proficiency under the Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing program, facilities, quality assurance, records, analytical methods, and laboratory operation procedures (SOPs). Additionally, AIHA accreditation insures that the laboratory is compliant with ISO 17025 policies and procedures.

EMSL recently announced the expansion of its Miami, Florida facility, allowing the company to expand its indoor air quality, microbial, and asbestos analytical services. Additional announcements are the AIHA EMLAP Accreditation of its New York City, and Houston Texas facility for fungal and bacterial analyses, and its Ann Arbor Michigan and South Pasadena California facilities for fungal analyses.

About EMSL Analytical, Inc:

EMSL Analytical operates 22 laboratories throughout the nation with full-service analytical services including mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead, indoor allergens, mycotoxins, endotoxins, DNA based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing, indoor air quality, industrial hygiene, environmental chemistry, forensic, failure, materials, and mechanical testing services. In addition to laboratory testing services, the firm provides mold management seminars, free IAQ seminars and free sampling workshops at various locations throughout the country.

EMSL Analytical currently holds accreditation's with the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), the AIHA Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Accreditation Program (EMLAP), the AIHA Environmental Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELLAP), the AIHA Industrial Hygiene Laboratory Accreditation Program (IHLAP), the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP), the New York Department of Health (NYDOH), and various other state, federal and private accrediting bodies. The labs are also successful participants in AIHA's Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT), Environmental Lead Proficiency Analytical Testing (ELPAT), and the Environmental Mold Proficiency Analytical Testing (EMPAT) programs. It maintains a rigorous in-house QA/QC program to ensure our clients are receiving the most accurate and legally defensible results possible. For further information, you can contact EMSL online at:, or Leslie Boggs at: 888-455-3675.

For more information:

Leslie Boggs Director of Marketing 888-455-3675


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