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Rainforest Alliance Launches First "Picture Sustainability" Photo Contest
The Rainforest Alliance, an international nonprofit conservation organization, is inviting US residents to submit photos illustrating sustainable agriculture, forestry and tourism in its first 'Picture Sustainability' photo contest.
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Lawsuit to Be Filed to Protect American Pika
On Wednesday, the Center for Biological Diversity sent the U.S. Department of the Interior a notice of intent to sue to force a response to a petition seeking federal protection for the American pika, a small alpine mammal threatened by global warming. Rising temperatures from greenhouse gas pollution have led to dramatic losses of pika populations and could eliminate the species from large regions of the American West by the century's end. More than a third of documented pika populations in the Great Basin mountains of Nevada and Oregon have gone extinct.
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Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Tourism Guide Shows Growth of Certified Businesses in Latin America
From the popularity of eco-lodges and "green" vacation tips in magazines to the rise of carbon offset programs among airlines, an increasing number of companies are taking steps to encourage sustainable travel choices. But how can responsible tourists separate the green-doers from the greenwashers? By choosing businesses that show they are meeting environmental and social standards by earning a seal of approval from an independent sustainable tourism certification program.
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Forest Watch Joins Center for Biological Diversity to Advocate for Northeast Lands and Species
National nonprofit the Center for Biological Diversity and Forest Watch, a group based in Richmond, Vermont, has announced their union to enhance the protection and restoration of the Northeast's public lands, wildlife habitat, and imperiled species.
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Friends of Animals: "Chimp Haven Is Home" Act Whitewashes Great Ape Experiments
Congress recently passed the Chimp Haven is Home Act. Some advocacy groups urged Bush to sign the bill, and now claim "victory" because the bill has been signed. But in a society that accords animals no legal rights and ensures they are routinely dominated, controlled, used up and discarded, true animal-rights victories are few and far between. The Chimp Haven is Home Act is not one of them.
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U.S. Investor Forums to be Given First Hand Experience with Winning Colours
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Federal Fisheries Service to Study Critical Habitat Designation for Endangered Leatherback Sea Turtle
On December 28, the National Marine Fisheries Service-the federal agency in charge of ocean species management-announced that it would examine in detail whether waters off the California and Oregon coasts should be protected as critical habitat for the endangered Pacific leatherback sea turtle, a species whose frequent and deadly encounters with longline and gillnet fishing gear meant to catch swordfish have put it on a steep slide toward extinction.
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