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EMSL Releases Its New Expanded Fungal Report™ for IAQ Professionals
EMSL Analytical Inc. announces its New Expanded Fungal Report to meet the needs of Indoor Environmental and Indoor Air Quality professionals. This new report is available anytime for export as a PDF, Word or Excel file through our LABConnect extra-net service. This full color downloaded report includes: descriptions of the analyses performed; 3 data formats for total spore count results and 2 formats for direct microscopic exams; two sets of graphs for spore counts versus background concentration enabling quick visual interpretation of results; comprehensive information on understanding the results; and a glossary of the fungi identified in the report. Visit the company website at to download and view a sample copy.
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EPA Tests Verify 400% Efficiency in Commercial Water Heating
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released an Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) report confirming 400% efficiency of the EarthLinked® Heat Pump Water Heating System. The hybrid system combines a high efficiency ground-source heat pump with a standard commercial water heater tank.
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Ethiopian Coffee Farmers Lead the Way with First Rainforest Alliance Certification in Africa
A group of 678 coffee farmers in Ethiopia, known as the "the birthplace of coffee," collectively became the first in Africa to obtain Rainforest Alliance sustainability certification for meeting Rainforest Alliance's strict set of environmental and social standards, including for ecosystem and wildlife conservation, agrochemical reduction, better worker housing, healthcare and education and many other criteria.
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Panel Debate: Communicating Climate Change
The Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (CICERO) is organizing the panel debate "Communicating Climate Change" during the United Nations climate conference in Nairobi in November. The aim of this event is to discuss to what degree the general public still has the impression that climate scientists strongly disagree about the extent to which climate change is human induced, and what may have caused this impression.
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Organix to Launch First Peat Moss Replacement 'Bog'
Organix Inc. of Walla Walla, Washington, has announced the completion of its peat moss replacement pilot in Rupert, Idaho. The pilot used the Company's patented FibeRite(TM) process which takes dairy solids (fiber) from an anaerobic digester and converts it into a high value, peat moss substitute designed for the horticulture industry. The test took place at the Whitesides Dairy biogas plant in Rupert, built and operated by Intrepid Technology and Resources. A full-scale production facility is expected to be operating by early 2007.
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Cameron-Cole VP Heads Board That Releases Report to ACC
Dr. Riva Krut, a Vice President and Regional Manager at Cameron-Cole, LLC, has completed her term as the Chair of the Strategic Review Board (SRB) of the American Chemistry Council's (ACC) Responsible Care® management systems certification program. The SRB recently issued a report to the ACC Board Committee on Responsible Care, which identified eight recommendations that it believes can further enhance the overall Responsible Care initiative.
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Rainforest Alliance Builds on Decade of Development Work in Nicaragua with New $3.6M Grant from USAID
The Rainforest Alliance has received a $3.6 million grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to build on a decade of sustainable development work the organization has coordinated in forestry, agriculture and tourism in Nicaragua.
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U.S. Ex-Im Bank Approves Comprehensive Guarantee for UPS Capital Loan of $9.38million to fund establishment of Xechem Pharmaceutical Plant in Nigeria
The Export Import Bank of the United States has approved Comprehensive Guarantee to cover U.S. Loan of $9.38million to fund establishment of Xechem Pharmaceutical Plant in Abuja, Nigeria, estimated to cost $12.45million. UPS Capital Business Credit of Hartford, Connecticut is the U.S. Lender providing related Loan for the Project, while Access Bank, Plc. and Diamond Bank, Plc., are to provide Nigerian Bank Guarantees in support of the Project Loan. The Xechem Pharmaceutical Project Loan has been successfully packaged by Financialbridge and will be utilized to purchase U.S. manufactured Plants and Machinery to be supplied by leading Pharmaceutical Equipment Vendors and EPC Contractors including Fisher Scientific, APT and NITRA Corp, etc.
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Alcoa Develops Sustainable 'Engineered Natural Systems' to Reduce Discharges and Contaminant Levels at its Aluminum Facilities
Alcoa, named one of the most sustainable corporations by the World Economic Forum and one of the top "green" companies in the world by Business Week and The Climate Group, is actively developing, evaluating, and implementing natural sustainable technologies to reduce the environmental footprint at its aluminum smelting, refining, and production facilities.
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Interface and Subaru of America Partner to Advance Sustainable Transportation Initiative
Interface, Inc., a world leader in the commercial interiors industry and Subaru, the best selling all-wheel drive car in America, today announced that they have joined forces to create "climate neutral" incentives for Interface associates in the U.S. who choose to drive Subaru vehicles in keeping with Interface's Mission Zero™ promise, "to eliminate any negative impact that the Interface companies have on the environment by 2020." This groundbreaking partnership is the result of two like-minded, environmentally-focused companies coming together to create and provide measurable and immediate environmental benefits by reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions associated with Interface's light duty fleet.
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