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Oceana Calls for Global Testing and Labeling for Salmon, Fish Supply
Oceana today called for global testing and labeling of fish in response to new findings reported in the journal Science that consuming farm-raised salmon could pose significant health risks. The study exhaustively tested and compared salmon raised by the fast-growing aquaculture industry to those caught in the wild and found that many extremely toxic chemicals accumulate at significantly higher levels in farm-raised fish. The farm-raised fish consistently carry levels high enough to trigger warnings from the Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization.
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ENVIRON Opens it's doors in Atlanta
ENVIRON International Corporation is pleased to announce the establishment of an office in Atlanta, Georgia. An international environmental and health sciences consultancy, ENVIRON provides strategic risk management consulting services to national and transnational industrial and commercial clients, leading law firms, developers, lending institutions, and insurance firms.
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opsEnvironmental Chosen to Streamline Continental Airlines' Environmental Management
ESP (Environmental Software Providers) has announced that Continental Airlines has selected its opsEnvironmental software to form the backbone of a company-wide environmental data management system. opsEnvironmental is a multimedia software suite with modules covering air, water, waste and incident management. Continental will deploy the software for management of State and Federal regulatory and reporting requirements including Title V permit requirements.
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ARCADIS Develops Largest Landfill Gas Energy Project in The World
ARCADIS (NASDAQ: ARCAF, EURONEXT: ARCAD), the international consultancy and engineering company, today announced that it has finalized the development of the largest landfill gas energy plant in the world. The landfill gas is extracted from the 345 acre Bandeirantes landfill near Sao Paolo in Brazil. It will be used as fuel for a newly built 23 MW energy plant. As of today, the plant generates 170 million KwH of electricity annually, sufficient to power more than 58,000 households.
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