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Blue Ribbon and Goldstar International Announce Merger
Blue Ribbon International, Inc. (OTC:BLRB) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer George H. Levy has issued the following announcement: "Blue Ribbon International, Inc. has completed final negotiations with Goldstar International, Inc. culminating with an agreement to merge both companies, via exchange of common stock, and conduct future business as 'Blue Ribbon-Goldstar International, Inc.'"
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TCS Newsflash: Important Global Warming Study Audited -- Numerous Errors Found
Canadian business executive Stephen McIntyre and economist Ross McKitrick have presented more evidence that the 20th century wasn't the warmest on record. In their article for the journal "Energy and the Environment," McIntyre and McKitrick cited numerous errors in data used in Mann, et al. (1998), a temperature record that has been frequently cited by global warming alarmists.
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New Diesel Emission Control Technology Cuts California Bus Emissions by 90-95%
Soot-spewing buses just moved onto the endangered species list, and a new, relatively low-cost diesel emission control technology is the reason.
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MHF Logistical Solutions in $13 Million New Jersey Clean Up
MHF Logistical Solutions, Inc. (MHF-LS), transportation logistics and packaging specialists, said today that it has begun work on a $13 million project to transport 314,000 tons of soil from a former Edison, New Jersey, chemical manufacturing facility to licensed disposal sites in Ohio and Michigan.
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As Senate debates greenhouse gas caps, Lewis & Clark College is first to achieve Kyoto Protocol compliance
For the cost of a movie and popcorn for each student, Lewis & Clark College has become the first campus in the nation to comply with the greenhouse gas emissions targets called for in the Kyoto Protocol.
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Environmental View Applications premiers the Online Distribution System and adds to existing web-based applications which include the Online Monitoring System.
Environmental View Applications, based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, has launched a new web application called the "Online Distribution System". The ODS was developed to solve the problem of transmitting large sample analysis reports to clients efficiently and cost effectively. The application includes security and instantaneous notifications, confirmations and reminders. The ODS can be a stand-alone application or co-branded and integrated into an existing web site.
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Wireless Industry Announces Recycling Initiative
The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) and its participating members today unveiled an innovative initiative entitled, "Wireless... The New Recyclable" to promote the environmentally sound recycling of used wireless products and accessories.
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Wavefront Advances Pressure Pulsing in Environmental Applications
Wavefront Energy and Environmental Services Inc. (the "Company") develops and implements innovative technologies for fluid flow optimization and process monitoring to meet the unique challenges of our global clients.
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RAE Systems Launches AreaRAE-Gamma, Wireless Integrated Radiation and Hazardous Gas Detector
RAE Systems Inc. (AMEX:RAE), a leading provider of hazardous environment detection solutions for homeland defense, today announced the launch of AreaRAE-Gamma, the market's first integrated gas and radiation detector equipped with an RF modem that enables a single unit or a networked system of units to communicate on a real-time basis with incident commanders at a remotely located base controller.
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Furniture Manufacturer South Cone Trading Co. Takes Decisive Steps to Help Preserve Rainforests
On Sunday, Sept. 28, the New York Times published a front-page feature story exposing widespread illegal logging of mahogany in Peru. The piece, reprinted in several national and international newspapers, is a strong indictment against private sector players and government officials and presages a dire future for the rainforests.
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