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New Report Shows "sinks" Emphasis In Kyoto Talks Avoids Real Greenhouse Gas Reductions
Canadas insistence that forest and farmland "carbon sinks" play a major role in efforts to reduce greenhouse gases comes under fire in a new report that challenges Ottawa to shift gears before critical international climate negotiations resume next week.
Read More and Group C Communications Form Marketing Alliance 'Compliance Connections' and Group C Communications announced today the formation of "Compliance Connections": a partnership between the organizations that will bring Environ.coms cutting edge technology to more than 100,000 corporate real estate, facility management and IT professionals that make up the growing clients of Group Cs converging media company.
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Aerias, LLC Hosts its First Annual National Symposium On The Impact of Mold on Health and Indoor Air Quality October 18-19, 2001
The presence of mold in buildings and its impact on human health is one of the most pressing environmental issues facing health professionals and building administrators today. To address this timely topic, Aerias will bring together the most pre-eminent scientists, physicians, and attorneys to discuss what is known about mold, its health effects, and procedures for managing situations when growth is suspected or found in a building or school.
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Caviar Smuggler Sentenced to 27 Months
Grigori Oudovenko, age 39, was sentenced today to 27 months of federal imprisonment by U.S. District Court Judge John Gleason, Eastern District of New York, for attempting to smuggle $2.5 million worth of caviar into the United States, according to Tom Healy, special agent in charge of law enforcement for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the Northeast.
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Japan's Fisheries Minister Arrives in U.S. for High-Level Meetings, Sparking New Concerns over Japanese Whaling
WASHINGTON, July 6 -/E-Wire/PRNewswire/-- Japans Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Tsutomu Takebe, is due to arrive in Washington on Sunday, 8 July 2001, for a three-day visit to promote Japans whaling program. This announcement comes despite concerns raised by U.S. President George Bush, on the issue, in his 30 June meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. The Ministers visit also follows recent U.S. Congressional actions against Japanese whaling including the introduction of a bipartisan resolutions in the U.S. House and Senate and sharp criticism of Japanese whaling by leading conservation groups such as the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW -
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The Fund for Animals Condemns Snowmobile Litigation Settlement Agreement
Today, The Fund for Animals issued a statement questioning the motives of the Bush Administration in entering into a settlement agreement with snowmobile manufacturers and users regarding snowmobile use in Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and John D. Rockefeller parks.
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BC Hydro and Pembina Institute to work on sustainability projects
BC Hydro and the Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development have marked their on-going relationship by signing a memorandum of understanding to continue to work together on leading-edge sustainability projects. This agreement marks the first partnership between BC Hydro and a non-governmental organization (NGO).
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AT&T Invites Proposals for its Industrial Ecology Grants
AT&T today invited proposals for its 2001 AT&T Industrial Ecology Faculty Fellowship program by university faculty members.
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Trans-Elect Consortium To Aquire Electrical Transmission Assets In Canada
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Caribbean Conservation Corporation & Volvo Ocean Adventure Offer Sea Turtle Education Program
The nonprofit Caribbean Conservation Corporation (CCC) and the Volvo Ocean Adventure (VOA) have formed a partnership to increase awareness about sea turtles and the marine environment. The year-long education program, which will coincide with the round-the-world Volvo Ocean Race, officially begins in September with start of the race.
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