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CPI International Introduces Modified Colitag to the Drinking Water Industry

Santa Rosa, California, Nov. 13 - /EWire/ -- CPI International is proud to announce the EPA approval of "Modified Colitag" as of November 10, 2009. Modified Colitag will replace both former versions of Colitag. As you know, CPI International, Inc. ("CPI") has distributed two versions of Colitag, one version which we have sold, as approved, to the regulated/domestic market (Domestic) and a slightly modified version for the unregulated/international (World) market through our network of global resellers.

CPI is in the business of improving drinking water safety and with our new EPA approval, a single version of Colitag will be offered for all markets under the Colitag name. We have worked diligently over the years to improve compliance monitoring of public water systems in the US, and internationally. Our new approved modified Colitag, is the culmination of these efforts. The modified version is an improved version of Colitag, but is not different in its essential characteristics from other Colitag versions. CPI, like any manufacturer, continues to perfect its product, and modified Colitag is a product of this process.

Colitag is the most versatile test ever! Colitag has the widest approved testing window in the industry: 16—48 hours, greater selectivity for Total Coliforms and E. coli, a growth inhibitor for Aeromonas and Pseudomonas and is US EPA approved for use in a MPN format provided that the sum of all individual portions of the sample total 100mL. Please visit our website for more details and method application. Should you have additional questions or request additional information please do not hesitate to contact me personally.

Thank you for your confidence in Colitag and CPI International.

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David W. Hejl President and CEO CPI International, Inc. 5580 Skylane Boulevard Santa Rosa, CA 95405 (707) 521-6310

For more information:

David W. Hejl President and CEO CPI International, Inc. 5580 Skylane Boulevard Santa Rosa, CA 95405 (707) 521-6310 .



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