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Cameron-Cole VP Heads Board That Releases Report to ACC

Pleasantville, New York, Oct. 30 - /EWire/ -- Dr. Riva Krut, a Vice President and Regional Manager at Cameron-Cole, LLC, has completed her term as the Chair of the Strategic Review Board (SRB) of the American Chemistry Council's (ACC) Responsible CareĀ® management systems certification program. The SRB recently issued a report to the ACC Board Committee on Responsible Care, which identified eight recommendations that it believes can further enhance the overall Responsible Care initiative.

"Demands for CSR are increasing. Responsible Care should continue to provide a platform for members to provide the public with a high level of assurance -- and keep the chemistry industry vibrant and healthy," Dr. Krut explains. "We hope that our recommendations are a helpful step in this direction."

Responsible Care is the U.S. chemical industry's award-winning environmental, health, safety and security (EHSS) performance initiative that is implemented by the ACC. Since its adoption by the chemical industry in 1988, the initiative has helped reduce emissions by 70 percent and created a worker safety record that is more than four times better than the average of the U.S. manufacturing sector.

Dr. Krut's participation on the SRB boosts Cameron-Cole's ability to help its clients in the chemical industry better comprehend upcoming changes to Responsible Care. "This work will allow us to assist the ACC in integrating input from member companies and from external stakeholders into any proposed changes to the Responsible Care certification process," said Dr. Krut. "ACC's new Technical Specifications take EHSS management to the next level. They are designed to improve performance and to move firms toward sustainability."

Cameron-Cole, LLC is a leading provider of full-service environmental engineering and consulting. Cameron-Cole's Strategic Services Division works with clients on strategies for sustainability, environmental and social reporting, environmental management system (EMS) design and implementation, benchmarking, greenhouse gas management, and on compliance management and reporting.

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